Minimalist to the Max: The Sustainability of Minimalist Fashion

I’ve always been in quiet awe of the timeless cool of minimalism in fashion. You can’t beat a fashion style with a meaty philosophy behind it to sink your teeth into. And beyond the clean aesthetic, there’s a feast of ethical reasons to love minimalism.

First off, minimalist designs tend to err towards the androgynous. On the catwalks, many designers toyed with gender constructions in their Autumn Winter 2016 collections, with pieces constructed of sliced up military uniforms and 1950s A-line skirts. But minimalism takes gender equality literally, often shunning anything recognisably masculine or feminine. That’s a whole new dimension of equality.

What’s more, minimalism goes hand in hand with body positivity (the idea that all bodies are good bodies). Whatever shape, size or age you are, minimalist fashion is ready waiting with open arms to envelop you in clean-cut chambray. The simplicity of minimalist design scores maximum points for being so gosh darn inclusive.

Read more at Eluxe Magazine

Vetta 3

Image courtesy of Vetta Capsule


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